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    TIMEZ watch focusing on stylish simplicity and contemporary details. 10 styles/ colors for choose.
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Welcome to Tarring Jewelry

Tarring jewelry is environmentally friendly and safe high-quality stainless steel jewelry supplier, founded in 2005. To coincide with the rise of stainless steel jewelry, we conveniently launched a range of stainless steel jewelry design, gained a great success. Through years of development, we have become the industry well-known enterprises. Tarring Jewelry has formed a product design and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales integration company. Company mainly dominated by stainless steel jewelry, also developing titanium jewelry, ceramic jewelry, tungsten jewelry and other kinds of environmental protection material jewelry.

Tarring Jewelry has three independent manufacturing factories and a operation center in Shenzhen, the products sales to more than 30 countries in the world. Every year we participate in Asia's largest jewelry exhibition Jewellery Fair - Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, with the world peers door discuss the development direction and trend in the footsteps of jewelry!

Our advantages:

Design and development advantages:

We have talent & outstanding stainless steel fashion jewelry designer which have many years of practitioners, with a keen fashion sense of smell. Over the years our designed stainless steel jewelry has always been a favorite with customers, but also attracted competitors imitate & copy. In order to protect our rights, every picture we increased the watermark, new design directory must be through our authorized can access, we also know that this may bring inconvenience to customers browsing, but for tomorrow, also can provide customers with creative design, we think everyone can understand this hard choice.

Manufacturing advantages:

The company has 4,000 square meters of standard factory manufacturing space and 500 square meters of standard fashion office space, the company is a collection of from moulding, punching, drilling, grinding, CNC, wire cutting and other advanced manufacturing and sales of mainstream manufacturers. We have many experienced and professional workers which have been in this area more than 10 years, some of them even more than 30 years.

Quality advantages:

Companies strictly enforce the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and ISO14000: 2002 environmental management system, the whole process in accordance with the EU ROHS Directive and non-halogenated, our products adhere to strict inspection methods, and never expect the shipments have strict testing process, : incoming inspection (IQC) - production inspection (IPQC) - pre-shipment inspection (OQC)- final inspection (FQC); so as to better ensure our quality.

Logistics advantages:

As the particularity of stainless steel jewelry, we make the most logistics way is express and air freight, we work with DHL, UPS, FEDEX three global courier company, and has a good working relationship, they provide us with the most favorable discounts, we are able to submitted the goods to your hands at the lowest cost , while you just have to do is wait for the courier rang the bell!

After-sales service advantages:

We promise, as long as it is due to the quality problem of our products, within a year, we provide you with return or exchange service, or directly refunded.

Social Responsibility:

Our founding philosophy is to become an environmentally friendly, positive enterprise, this has not been changed. We provide employees with a safe and comfortable working environment, and we also organize employees actively participate in various social events, adhere to corporate operators and employees' “working together, learning together, happy together, grow together, " the core values, firmly attracted a large number of partners sharing the same beliefs as our common goal.


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TIMEZ watches is our patented brand, we mainly produce quartz and mechanical watches with Japan or Swiss movement, stainless steel case, stainless steel, tungsten, ceramic, leather, silicone/ rubber bands.  

The watches come in a wide rang of styles, classical, fashionable, elegant, couple, sports, jewelry. All the watches with  stylish & elegant design, excellent quality, competitive price. Various colors/ styles for choose, MOQ 50pcs/ color/ style.

OEM & ODM service also is offered.


Our products exported to Europe, United States, Asia, Middle East and other countries.

Tarring Jewelry always stands by insistence in good faith, innovation, dependable quality and well service. We have been proudly associated with many famous companies. We believe, choose us, you will be more satisfied and acheivements.


Every year, we attend Hong Kong International Jewelry Show. We also plan to attend Hong Kong Watches Show in 2014~


You will enjoy the cooperation with Tarring Jewelry! You will satisfied with TIMEZ!


Titanium Jewelry

In recent years, titanium jewelry quickly became popular in the world, the rise of this new type of jewelry products , has gradually been more and more people understand and accept. Because titanium metal has many excellent features and quality, very suitable for jewelry processing timber. Jewelry made of titanium rigid than other precious metal jewelry, and discoloration as platinum, corrosion resistance, excellent stability, it is the only no effect on the human autonomic nervous and taste of metal, so it will not cause human allergies ,Use pure titanium to manufacture titanium jewelry is a very healthy concept.


Titanium jewelry, generally product by pure titanium material  ( in line with the national standard GB/T3620-94, the titanium content of not less than 99% , contain small amounts of iron, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and other impurities in the dense metal). the appearance is completely different from traditional gold and silver jewelry, titanium jewelry is mostly reflected in the style of a post-industrial era, generous and elegant Patterns give us a sense of visual impact , has a beautiful appearance and unique personality, without losing the rigid tender, and use them to mix various styles of clothing, I believe would be a so good choice. And titanium can stimulate phagocytic cells, the body 's immune system enhancement, can also play a role in the body's health.


Every man is a brand, establish their own image must first decorate themselves,and cufflinks happened to help a man this busy.


■ cufflinks knowledge

For stress -grade men, in addition to outside the ring, cufflinks is the smallest decorated. Because of its material selection of precious metals, and some also set with diamonds, precious stones, etc., so it was put on from the birth of the aristocratic aura. cufflinks thus become a single product which taste a prime measure of a man, and the selection, with the use of all are men of a science.

■ cufflinks decorated yuppie men

Cufflinks material generally choose precious gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, gemstones, and therefore expensive, because the exquisite workmanship and precious materials, cufflinks jewelry in general to be used simultaneously, but also be careful to Favorites. No nobility in this era, so this elegant cuff links complete the yuppie men worship it.

 To match this

Cufflinks, though small, can be ever-changing style but, in addition to the traditional round and square, as well as water droplets, thread, Chinese knots and other shapes, patterns also have totems, flags, tai chi, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, zodiac, constellations and other kinds, has an elegant style with playful, uninhibited, and so there is so much knowledge with cufflinks:

Cufflinks to match the color of the dress shirt and based on;

the selection and belt buckles, tie clip with colored cufflinks;

According to attend the banquet style selection cufflinks.

Generally, gold cufflinks with white shirt, black dress look noble, silver with pink, blue or black shirt look elegant professional, and black cufflinks are wild single product, it will make the dress more fashionable.